This is the wordpress version of diychristmascrafts.com on Tumblr. My blog on tumblr has 30,000 followers. My other blog is truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com, a Spotlight Blog with 140,000 followers.

This blog is for DIY gifts that people actually will want to recieve.

As children my friends and I always made gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah. As a grownup I’ve given homemade gifts that I would like to receive. I’ve always believed that giving and recieving  a handmade gift that took time and care is better than something picked up randomly and in desperation at the local mall.

I have taken master classes in marbleizing, print making, book binding, cake decorating, sewing, quilting and polymer clay. I’ve sold crafts to a major retailer and dozens of boutiques. I know what DIYs will work and then the DIYs that are way too time consuming or easily picked up at the local dollar store.

If you would like an image taken down or to reach me please email me at truebluemeandyou {at} gmail {dot} com.